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Focus on JESUS & Not on Your Problems Dealing with Fear – Useful Bible Verses


Dieta rica em probióticos pode reduzir a ansiedade social

Pesquisa contou com a participação de 710 estudantes que responderam questionários sobre suas dietas e estado mental


"I am fearfully and wonderfully made".


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Psalm 9:14

Devotions by Little Birdie Blessings

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12 Bible Verses to remember the One we thank

Women in the Bible

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When Fear Chases Me

Looking for ways to go deeper with God this year? Check out these Bible study hacks that will forever change the way you explore scripture. 1. Scripture Color Coding This is a great way to organize your reading visually! With color coding you can break down the scriptures according to promises, warnings, key terms or however you'd like. Just grab your favorite set of highlighters and go to town! Source: Pinterest 2. Printable Bible Tabs Anyone who's picked up a Bible is familia...