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Filipino Leche Flan Recipe

Leche flan... so rich, you'll have clogged arteries just by looking at it : )

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Learn to make Filipino style leche flan using whole eggs. The result is a rich, smooth, and creamy flan you will love!

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Leche Flan with Cream Cheese

Leche Flan with Cream Cheese is a popular Filipino dessert. The decadent custard topped with the smooth caramel.

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Easy Silky Crème Caramel aka Leche Flan or Caramel Custard

SugaryWinzy Easy Silky Creme Caramel aka Leche Flan or Caramel Custard

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Leche Flan

Leche Flan (also known as crème caramel and caramel custard) is a dessert made-up of eggs and milk with a soft caramel on top. This dessert is known throughout the world (especially in Europe) and has been in the dessert menu of most restaurants because of its convenience in preparation and long shelf life.

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Filipino Leche Flan is also known as caramel custard, it is a popular Pinoy Dessert made-up of eggs and milk with a soft caramel syrup on top. This is the bake version of Leche Flan so creamy, sweet and delicious.

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Leche Flan

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Leche Puto

Leche Puto is a Filipino dessert combining two favorites (leche flan and puto) into one delectable treat

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I finally found the perfect recipe for making leche flan using whole eggs! Yay, I am so excited to show it to you guys so you too can start making it, and don’t have to stick to making this famous …

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