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Lost my Mind yeah.....I dont mind.....cant find it anywhere, I DON'T MIND!! Love Layne, he's anothet heroin casualty. :(

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"It's alright, there comes a time, got no patience to search for peace of mind. Layin' low, want to take it slow, no more hiding or, disguising truths I've sold" --No Excuses #AliceInChains #LayneStaley

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Layne Staley ~ August 22, 1967 - April 5, 2002 matter what I want this as a poster love him and Alice in Chains when it is him singing sorry but not sorry at all

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Layne Staley And Kurt Cobain

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Layne, the beads are very reminiscent of Jim Morrison's "Young Lion" photos

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Layne Staley | Alice in Chains & Mad Season

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I have never been a fan of facial hair, so I find it amusing that I feel the desire to bury my face in his chin. Wow. Really?! KM

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1990 - Photos: Alice in Chains in the Nineties

Photos: Alice in Chains in the Nineties Pictures - 1990 | Rolling Stone...Another one of my all-time favorite rock singers, and lead singer of one of my all-time favorite rock bands.

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Alice in Chains: To Hell and Back

Alice In Chains' Layne Staley on the February 8, 1996 cover. #longreads

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