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Alchemist/Herbalist Kit for LARP - Fantasy -Middleage

Alchemist/Herbalist Kit for LARP Fantasy by MeoLeathercraft

Wrapped boots for trekking through the deep forests. THIS. IS. A. BRILLIANT IDEA! If you have boots that aren't quite 'fantasy/post-apoc' like, get some linen and tear it in long strips (or coffee stain cheese cloth) and wrap it around your not-so-fantasy-boots

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Ruana More

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[LARP costumeFrom Verillas - LARP costume] wrap up the ankle til just under the knee

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Lotheriel's Elven Realm - luna-intheforest: ✨ clever skirt loop tieup with a strap and shawl pin

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27 Questions to ask your new character

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Explorer TAN Hip Bag

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Een In Spel tas is handig om je spullen in mee te nemen. Hier een Engelse uitleg om er zelf een te maken.

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Lembas bread...probably not exactly "healthy" eating, but too good not to save

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