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Group of Shaved Llamas - Group of Shaved Llamas - Continue through the gallery to see more hilarious pics of Shaved Llamas!

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I hope you take a look at this llama, you can tell its not happy with the haircut. Please be grateful you have a good looking haircut ! what ta llama !!

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Alpaca: The Green Sheep?

Why should you care about alpacas? Read this to find out. #alpaca #funfacts

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After an 18 month old boy fell 18 feet to the concrete of a gorilla cage, this old girl gently picked the boy up and cradled him then pat his back gently then carried him all the way to the entrance for the zoo worker to take the boy. She even growled at another female as it approached the boy. The boy spent 4 the hospital and recovered completely

Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

Oh no XD -- Alpaca | After being sheared... Looking a bit naked or like a character from a book by Dr. Seuss.

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I feel bad laughing

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Smiling llamas

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That's not just any shorn llama...that's Besahik!!!

FUNNNNYYYYYYYYYY Picture thread! - Page 50

it has been a snooze fest..So ladies please add your favorites. here is one of mine!!! - Page 50

Misunderstood emo alpaca

misunderstood, assumed alpaca facial expressions

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