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Just sitting here wishing that all dogs could live as well as I do. They all need forever homes so they could defend, be happy, be loyal and be a friend to the master or lady of our house.

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21 Reasons Labradoodles Are Wonderful


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Labradoodle by sjulian1

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A 3 month old Australian Labradoodle which looks like it may be the lavender or parchment coat colour. Some Labradoodles can change colour - often lighten - as they get older and their coat develops.

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Labradoodle Grooming

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White Labradoodle. They look like a giant stuffed animal you wanna cuddle

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Labradoodle♥️♥️ More

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Labradoodles having a quiet drink.

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Australian Labradoodle Daisy Hill Labradoodles

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Australian Labradoodle … More

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