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Scottish Deerhound Dog. Such a BEAUTIFUL breed!

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The Scottish Deerhound. #WeeklyFluff

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What's the Difference Between the Scottish Deerhound and the Irish Wolfhound?

The Scottish Deerhound vs Irish Wolfhound

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• Scottish Deerhounds - Site de manializa !

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They're so gosh darn adorable! :D

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Scottish Deerhound:

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Come here sweet doggie! scottish deerhound ... lovely, gentle dogs

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Scottish Deerhound

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The Scottish Deerhound's antecedents have existed back to a time before recorded history. They would have been kept by the Scots and Picts and used to help in providing part of their diet--mainly hoofed game. They were bred to hunt red deer by "coursing" and "stalking."

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19 Harry Potter Ornaments For An Amazingly Nerdy Christmas Tree

TTouch will help the giant breeds pups grow up safer from injuries, as it helps them gain body awareness, learn to move in balance, and figure out where all four legs are and what they should do with them.

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