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"I'd rather be hated for who am I than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain Style: Cobain's Famous Grunge Looks

Kurt Cobain: Grunge Style Icon

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CONT... I still remember Love reading the letter, it hurt my heart then but now from my own experience of losing someone unexpected & for a point feeling the uncertainty of my dad making it through chemo, my compassion for what Courtney, Francis & Nirvana band members went through & family, has greatly expanded. It is not a feeling you wish upon any person to feel, but it's life. Sadly such a loss by suicide, has not done much to CONT

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"Well, you know, Kurt inspired me a lot. I definitely fell in love with a whole new sense of music after having played with him. He was a great guy. He was one of the sweetest, most gentle people I've ever met. It still amazes me the outreach of what that band accomplished... I think a lot of people consider - well, obviously - Kurt a hero and he was definitely an inspiration." -Dave Grohl ~ Cation Paul Davis~the sweetest, most gentle guy I've ever met <3

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I could stare at this photo for hours...Cobain deep in thought

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Kurt Cobain (Smoking) With Guitar Black & White Music Poster

Kurt Cobain (Smoking) With Guitar Black & White Music Poster Print at

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Converse archive

Kurt Cobain, vocalista da banda Nirvana. Foi uma grande influência nos anos 90, não só a nível musical, mas também tornou-se um icon de estilo dessa geração, onde deu origem ao estilo "grounge". Ainda hoje em dia é considerado uma referência de estilo, notado em colecções de conhecidos estilistas, como Marc Jacobs (1992 para Perry Ellis) e Yves Saint Lourent (Outono/Inverno 2013).

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"There's good in all of us. I think I simply love too much, so much that it makes me feel too fucking sad." - Kurt Cobain

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45 Photos Of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain - I was a massive Nirvana fan but I have never seen this pic before. More

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You can't buy happiness : Foto

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