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DIY Bug Out Bag Infographic |

DIY Bug Out Bag Infographic |


DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kit

DIY Dollar store first aid kit for under $10 | PreparednessMama


The Ultimate Emergency First Aid Kit List And Tips

Emergency first aid: Bleeding.

This pin is in repsonse to the Stetz piece. Stetz' article explores whether talking about a traumatic event can lead to healing or exacerbate an open wound. I chose this first aid poster because the "bandage" proposed by some (that is, talking about trauma) is not always effective for everyone. For the Comfort Women, talking about their past was only painful. @Amanda Snelson Snelson Fawcett

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Vintage Bushcraft Kit. The simplicity of wood, canvas, leather and steel. I have always choose the vintage stuff, 1. Kept together better, 2. Lasted longer, 3.cheaper , 4. Could withstand all weather and only have to buy one rather than several for different weather. Yes it can be heavier, but grow a pair and it won't be an issue.


How to Survive a Shipwreck

Awesome survival tool

Air Force Survival Training Manual - I went through survival school and this book beats ALL others for not just surviving but thriving in an emergency situation. Written over time by experts not some fool selling his bug-out bags THIS is the KIT