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Kimi ni todoke …

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My Top 10 Romance Anime

Still waiting for this moment, when it starts again---- damn that could be a quote -BovicLeuterio2015

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Kimi Ni Todoke Cutest anime I've ever seen :) Recommend it to any anime lover

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Kimi ni Todoke - Sawako Kuronuma

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haha I was annoyed at this part but reading the manga that continues on after the anime made me feel better XP

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/Kimi ni Todoke/#569363 - Zerochan | Production I.G. | Shiina Karuho

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This is the cutest pic ever!! If a boy EVER did this i would drop to my knees and yell PLEASE GO ON A DATE WITH ME!! … then blush and look down... Cuz im shy.

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Artist: 234 | Kimi ni Todoke | Kazehaya Shouta | Kuronuma Sawako

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Kimi ni Todoke - Shouta so shy about Sawako accidentally leaning on his shoulder after falling asleep

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kimi ni todoke - Sawako

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