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Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) - Star Trek Into Darkness. I watched this and what they did to Khan made me so sad, I will probably never watch it again

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I Khan't. This made me laugh for a long time. I pretty sure every time I say "I cant" ill picture this

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'Star Trek: Into Darkness', John Harris/Khan. A brooding Benedict Cumerbatch...I like... :)

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Community Post: 17 Fictional Men Who Make Long Coats Sexy

Khan A.K.A John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch from the new star trek movie Into Darkness

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Khan // Who CARES if I have already posted this picture?!? It is AWESOME!!!! Benedict Cumberbatch

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As a teenager I would make scrapbook collages (using photographs from magazines and the newspaper) of celebrities I would one day marry. Looking at this photo montage of CumberKhan makes me wonder "whatever happened to my Brian Orser scrapbook?" -N

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Benedict Cumberbatch..sometimes I don't think he is all that hot and others..he is the very definition of hotness, this is one of those times..

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Khan, oh my gosh I gasped at this picture. He's hypnotic, not a damn bit fair either.

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Benedict Cumberbatch In Star Trek - benedict-cumberbatch Photo

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20 Behind the Scenes Photos of Heroes and Villains Getting Along

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) should really leave the Vulcan Nerve Pinch to Spock. Rather than rendered unconscious, John Harrison *cough* Khan! (Benedict Cumberbatch) seems amused.

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