Kat Williams

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Girls eyebrows these days be looking like they got sponsored by nike - WTF! Katt Williams - quickmeme

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and a jehovahs witness XD

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kat williams memes | Kat Williams - Meme Center

I know right... The nerve of some minding others people's business... #girl-bye!! #sit down and #myob ♥katt williams

Can I help you? ~ Kat Williams #comedy

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LMAO! ~Kat Williams~ @Melissa Spivak. Christine B @Sarah Nasafi Lopez I can't this is too funny

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If you ever get caught sleeping on the job or at school ... slowly raise your head and say, 'In Jesus name, amen.'

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Fake lips, fake tits, fake nails, fake hair, fake lashes ... and these bitches are looking for a 'real' man??

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Katt williams, hilarious!

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