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Karma isn't a bitch; it's a mirror. #YH4M #meditation

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15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

I can't wait to see Karma be a bitch to those of you who deserve it, and you know who you are, the same ones who need to go back to HELL where you came from. All of you "Christians" out there. REAL Christians aren't judgmental lying bitches like you. Karma's coming for you, and you will be going back to hell where you came from!

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Look Book

Daily inspiration look book of the top Men's Fashion in the world today. This page includes men's accesories, men's outfit, hair style, shoes, lifestyle,etc.

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karma quotes Remember, what you do now will come back to you in the future. Life has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through.

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20 Funny Quotes That Remind You That Karma Is ALWAYS Watching

"Karma's just sharpening her nails and finishing her drink. She says she'll be with you shortly."

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Silence, is the best reply to a fool.

Went and made yourselves look like fools.. HA HA, KARMA!! I will just leave this right here.

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Quotes About Karma | ... seeks revenge. A real woman moves on while karma does her dirty work

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20 Funny Quotes That Remind You That Karma Is ALWAYS Watching

"In the end, karma will be a bigger bitch than I'll ever need to be."

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One day you'll get part is I won't have anything to do with it cause I've moved on with my life.

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Very true. And for those who've tried to make amends, I hope they are blessed beyond their efforts...

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