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judo techniques

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two years on the Notre Dame Judo Club....HeeHAAA Visit for discount Judo supplies!

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Tipo mi insegni a farli x il passaggio di cintura di giugno? More

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Pliage Judogi - Judo Association Pourrières I always pack like this when traveling, makes it easier to get more in my case and not as messed up when I get where I'm going

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Judo ♥ It's harder than it looks. Visit for discount Judo supplies!

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‘Uchi Mata’ Judo Throw Photographer: Jonathan Beck -- One of my goals is to have a picture taken of me and Im the girl in the dark gi. it will happen.

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Hahaha, I had a month of BJJ classes (Couldn't do more, as my schedule became swamped) and the hardest thing, about the entire thing was correctly tying the belt to my Gi! Thank goodness for Rener's tutorial video! #EveTorres #BelieversBoard

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Judo Throwing Techniques & Belts Más

Judo funny meme choke hug

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Judo images we like! Visit for discount Judo supplies!

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