((Jack Johnson)) "aye I'm Jack. I'm 22 and single-" I wink "it was a hookup. She didn't want the baby. I didn't want it to have to go through the suffer of being an orphan, like I was. I kept him. I named him Nicholas, after Nicholas Cage-" I chuckle "I call him Nick though. He's a really good kid. Introduce?"

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hey im looking for new people to add to my OMAHA SQUAD board, so comment to be added

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"Jack Johnson & Jack Gilinsky❤❤❤❤" - who ever pinned it first AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES JOHNSON LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME????????!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

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Why do I think Jack johnson asleep is adorable? Cuz Jack Johnson is adorable.

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I fell in love with him the way the petals fell of the roses ↑ holly shit I just thought of that quuuoooye I think that's what you'd call it

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Great... My abusive ex is back... Might as well just cancel the date... He's gonna ruin it anyway... Make Chance not like me -Jack

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Jack)So I'm on house arrest *Frowns*Can someone bring me food? Don't ask why I'm on house arrest I just am

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Jack Johnson's Selfie

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