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- Italian Greyhound. smallest of the sighthounds


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Italian Greyhound: Italian Greyhounds, or "iggies," are the prima donnas of the sight hound group. They are small, fragile, and emotionally high maintenance.

Italian greyhound puppy-one day Billie will have a friend

Italian Greyhound puppy


The Italian Greyhound. The smallest of the sighthounds, & members of the toy group, overall, they look like "miniature" Greyhounds. Believed to have originated more than 4,000 yrs ago in the countries now known as Greece & Turkey, they're mainly companionship dogs now but, have in fact, been used for hunting rats or mice. Making great pets, they are fast, agile, & athletic. However, the breed's slim build make them somewhat fragile, & injury can sometimes easily occur during rough…

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