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Eraser Rings by E for Effort: Handmade of sterling silver with a red, pink, or green eraser. #Ring #Eraser #eforeffort

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Wall & Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks

Cure for Chronic Cracks - Some cracks keep coming back no matter how well you repair them. For those pesky recurring cracks, we prescribe Good-Bye Cracks. It forms an elastic film that stretches and contracts along with the crack. It works best on hairline cracks, but it's worth a try on wider cracks too. Start by cleaning loose material out of the crack and fill it with joint compound. Then spray on two to three light coats of Good-Bye Cracks. The film isn't sandable, so a smooth, even…

Chalk will remove all grease stains. Simply rub the stain with chalk and toss it in the wash as normal.

A Singer sewing machine circa 1860. Isaac Singer invented the most successful sewing machine. They were one of the first domestic appliances manufactured on a production line that used interchangeable parts. Sewing machine production double from 1860-1865. Sewing machines allowed for large scale production of ready to wear uniforms during the Civil war.


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Add an Electrical Outlet

Add an Electrical Outlet | The Family Handyman

Wiring- Switch from a Electrical outlet ....

FREE - Library Makerspace littleBits (TM) Task Cards - A set of printable task cards to become acquainted with the litteBits(TM) Classroom Set and how they can be used in a makerspace (also called a hackerspace or DIY maker center).


Could water become our next major energy source? Harvard just confirmed that Hydrino energy will allow a gallon of ordinary water to become the energy equivalent of 200 barrels of oil.