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British Actress Imogen Poots’ Star Turn

Dominique is nothing like her part vela mother in action. She is wild and crazy and loves dragons and creatures and admires her Uncle Charlie. She is a keeper in Quidditch. Like her mother, though, she is impossibly pretty and blonde and tall. She despise


||FC: Imogen Poots|| Hello. My name is Kaylie. I am 19 and single. I'm sort of a bitch, so a lot of guys don't like me. Hence why I am single. I get into arguments a lot. Half the time because I'm bored and no one is paying any attention to me. Introduce if you don't mind? {type B}


Imogen Poots, Sundance portrait 2016 (that HAIR)


Imogen Poots ! Why are u SO Desirable ? ! I could pin every pic of you , oh and also I loved u In that movie , can't remember it's name but you play the role of a Working Girl .

Welcome to Imogen Poots Daily, the first and largest Imogen Poots tumblr online. Our aim is to bring...


Adabelle~ wise, quiet, stubborn, to the point, guarded, abrupt, genuine, mysterious. Her gift is that it is physically impossible for her to lie- he can bend the truth as she gets older, but she still can't lie. She can also see through lies instantly. Her parents were traveling sales people and brought her to the cove when they realized she was gifted.