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did that to my sister several year ago in a restaurant. Everyone there heard her tell me off not to do that! More


Us lower class know what it's like to serve other people for a living and we know the struggle. Privileged people just don't understand because they've been served their whole life.

If I was mega rich, I would so do that. I would go into restaurants and buy everybody's meal once a month. I would actually be a good person about it, unlike most of the mega rich people. I told my mom if I ever win the lottery the first thing I'm doing is buying a bunch of jelly bellies and that says a lot I think. I also want to go to Disney world because I've never been


Also we can't drive on the main road or buy alcohol from a bar or a shop, we can however drink alcohol in n a restaurant with a meal or drink in a house with a guardian over 18

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Best Supernatural Memes or gifs! - Page 3

Outback steakhouse pentagram....It's a demon trap made of Outback in Arizona <<< HOLY CRAP!!! I live in Arizona!!! I never knew we had a demon trap out of a restaurant!!!


If you don't clean it so the lady in the background doesn't have to and you just take a picture of it to shame this behavior, you weren't raised right either.