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"I think we miss memories more than the actual person. That connection we felt with them. That's the hardest part about moving on.."

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"Told my cat "You're so pretty." She turned towards me and hissed."

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Purple. I am a purple fruit loop. How about you?

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10 Funny Pictures Today! #5 The Struggle Is REAL

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You didn't play the victim, you convinced yourself that you WERE the victim.

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There are always going to be some people who can't forget about the past, or only see the "old" you. But your past doesn't define you. What others think of you or how they see you doesn't define you. Choose to see yourself the way God sees you. As His beautiful, loved and redeemed daughter- saved by His grace! #projectinspired

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Hopefully he wont try to kill her sister and/or her and take over the kingdom laterXD

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I Love this! I totally agree with with Jared! I would love to know the cast like he does! My dream, actually! Jared ‘what are you talking about the whole cast acts like they are bunch of teenagers’ Gilmore