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"So, all of time and space, where to this time?" He asks, leaning up against the console. "Um, actually, could we go to a drugstore?" "Why?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. "I um... I'm um... I need something."

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Just a little pharmacy humor :) RxWiki knows all about sleeping pills -

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Do's and Dont's of antibiotics. Only take antibiotics if your doctor tells you that you really need them, and make sure to take your ENTIRE prescribed dose in order to stop the bacteria from becoming resistant to your drug. WSJ talks about doctors overprescribing antibiotics. If your doctor wants to prescribe you antibiotics, make sure you are clear on how to correctly take them. Talk to your pharmacist, and Please read this article!!!

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Todo problema de memória deve ser investigado por um bom médico.Quando um problema sério (como Alzheimer) é descartado, é quase certo que as falhas de memórias têm relação com o estresse e o cansaço mental.

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Quotes About Your Hairdresser | Support your Stylist | Hair quotes

Whitney's got this one cause she's a pharmacy tech... - - More information about how to be a nurse go to

Where do you like long romantic walks? #makeup #drugstore

Try Maybelline Never Bare lip paint ($8) instead of Too Faced Melted Peony liquid lipstick ($21).

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Doctors Talk About Their Dumbest Patients Ever

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