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Pretty sure I've spent about a third of my life saying "what the fuck is wrong with people"

I Don't Run | Tank Top | Funny Athletic Shirts

LOL like being chased by zombies

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Life quote (and a great comeback)

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Have You Heard Of The Hot New Sloth-Facing Meme?

Ha! That's true=)

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I care about people. I love them. But I don't care what they think about me. And THAT is the key.

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"I want to care, but I don't. I look at you and all I feel is tired."

6 Tips To Help Keep The Pounds Off For the Long Run

This is how I feel about boxing! But I keep pushing forward and I keep trying to get better and work harder every single time. <3

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This is my real mindset in life. If someone wants to pretend about knowing me and my life, well let me tell you that I'm always aiming higher than the stars. I want only the best in my life

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