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That's exactly me😄 everyone calls me weird and goes on and on about how that weather makes them depressed but as soon as I see rain or smell it I instantly feel relieved and happy. I love it so much.

we are not here to wait for the storm to pass, but to learn how to dance in the rain


The water cycle.

Será que a as notícias freqüêntes da falta de água que ocorrerá em todo mundo são precisas?



that happens with some people. i'll be awkwardly standing with them then one of us is like, "i wonder if it will rain."


TRU MY LiFE tOdAY IT RAInED AND I WAS HAPPY * smiles bc I love gloomy and still so popular at school *

I'm gonna draw you something is my favourite. I love drawing so if someone told me this I would melt.

Funniest Barack Obama Memes: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Like I could buy about 20 things rich...ok, maybe 10

de theCHIVE

It’s Monday you could use some motivation (24 Photos)

This is me. It even has two cats!!! (Except that I don't put my hair up when I get home. I let it down.)

Caught by a strong storm, this leopard fell from his tree to shelter from the water a little under the branches ... After the storm moved up the tree. Photo taken after long stakeout from about 15 meters by the time repairing the camera equipment. The territory, very rough and wild, is that of the Ndutu area, the Ngorongoro conservation area.