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Human Torch (Fantastic Four): Adventure by Steve Garcia (Marvel)

All New Invaders #4 - The Human Torch by Mukesh Singh *

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Human Torch

chris evans as the human torch | real name jonathan storm alias es johnny storm john storm gender

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Human Torch Classic Marvel Avengers Alliance

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Johnny Storm...Fantastic Four...yep I'm gonna keep going with this one

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Human Torch II: Avengers, Fantastic Force, & Fantastic Four Human Torch by Joe Jusko

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Human_Torch_Classic_Poster_02.png (2000×3997)

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Chris Evans Thinks Too Highly Of Himself

The best part? This was years before a Captain America movie was even considered a real possibility.<<And he called himself the hottest and second hottest superhero

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Fantastic Four by Cold Fuzion Studios

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"Picture This, But Everywhere!" - I guess he decided to "flame on" instead of throw shield that day.

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