honey badger attack-Honey badger don’t care! Honey badgers are commonly known as one of the most aggressive animals on the planet, almost stupidly so. Honey badgers will take on full grown lions over a meal and will suffer through hundreds of bee stings for some honey, which they are quite fond of, it is not uncommon to find them stung to death in a beehive. You can’t even keep these guys in zoos because they will attack literally anything that crosses their path, no matter the size. Despite…

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You’ve probably heard all kinds of things about the honey badger and wondered, “Are these claims substantiated?”

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Honey Badger Day Hahaha! This is great!

funkysafari: “ Greater grison by Wandering Panda ” The Greater grison (Galictis… More

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An amazing sighting of a baby honey badger in Botswana's Linyanti concession.

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Honey badgers are tenacious!

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honey badger don't care.

Nursing Notes of Discord: You can't badger Honey Badger

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