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Our 8 Favorite Quotes From Pope Francis' Latest Book

Pope Francis quotes from "Walking With Jesus"

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4 Ways What You Think Is Humility Could Actually Be Pride

It seems that certain patterns of pride are easy to identify. I think that one of the reasons that pride is so difficult to manage, however, is because it often appears in ways that are more subtle, but just as damaging.

Um dos mais belos marcos que podem ser vistos nas ruínas de San Ignacio, na província de Misiones, Argentina. Tomé de Souza traz consigo seis homens de batinas pretas e singelas que o rei enviou para direção e conselho espirituais. É que esses seis homens trazem o que de mais precioso um povo e uma terra necessitam para sua existência, trazem uma ideia, a ideia verdadeiramente criadora do Brasil. Esses seis jesuítas possuem uma energia nova e que ainda absolutamente não foi gasta, pois…

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Though we know that Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great, nor Pope Francis said this quote, and its original author is currently unknown, the sentiment remains. WE NEED SAINTS...Saints who are normal people, saints who exist and thrive despite the Culture of Death and show the world the Culture of Life is where Heaven meets Earth.

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Mindful Buddha

Kindness and Love Triumph all. Practice Kindness in all areas of life. Observe as your life positively unfolds, as you begin to engage in a kinder, gentler demeanor. Acts of kindness are contagious (scientifically proven); for example if you were to hold open a door for someone (act of kindness), although what may seem as a small gesture, will actually produce serotonin in you, the receiver, as well as anyone witnessing the kind gesture. Always choose Love and Kindness...Always.