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& you make it so obvious...

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Free, Confession Ecard: Not everyone who dislikes you is "just jealous" of you. Believe it or not, some people truly don't like trashy, manipulative, life-wrecking bleepholes.

Yep. And she's a big ine

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He cheats with ugly girls, still married, with NO self esteem. So they will…

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Good point! And be careful of those women who say they never date married men. They're the ones who have a long line of married men before their current quest. -Jen

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I believe there's a special place in Hell for people who abuse children, women and animals... Oh! And add home wreckers to that list too!

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Over this but years ago this would have been nice to share..claiming to be religious doesn't make you a good person

Yea I can judge all I want your pitiful to even except being the other woman you whore

So obvs u were after MY man when u didn't respond 2 my kindly-intended message when ur baby was going thru a hard time. (You don't even know what it truly means 2 be the mother of a family & u complain about ur baby instead of celebrating how wonderful & unique he is. In other words, you suck as a mom). You had every chance 2 acknowledge posts about our Boo, including when he passed in my arms. Instead, u used our boy's death as an excuse 2 reach out 2 my man.U reached a new low.Congrats…

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Some women don't get this. Even when they know he is with someone else! #yourawhore #notworthy #getyourownman

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