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Illustrations of Indian Gods
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Illustrations of Indian Gods

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Ushas Goddess by *VPdessin Ushas, the Vedic goddess of Dawn, is one of the oldest goddesses of the Hindu pantheon, whose stories belong to the Rig Veda, one of the oldest texts.


It’s a rare event that is said to be happening after more than several hundred years. Eunuchs from across the country have converged in this holy town to do the ‘shraddha karma’ for their departed brethren during ‘pitrapaksh’, the period during which Hindus pay respects to their ancestors. The eunuchs, led by their religious head, … Continue reading "Eunuchs Pay Mass Obeisance To Ancestors At Kashi"

Meaning of the Gayatri - the main prayer of Hindus

This is the Sri Yantra, one of the oldest and most powerful symbols in human history. It's the Hindu symbol for Creativity & Enlightenment. I own one. Now you know where I get all my ideas from. (You wish.)

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Ancient etched carnelian bead rom the Hindus by TheSterlingBead

Dewi saraswati - goddess of knowledge. Balinese Hindus will celebrate Saraswati Day on 8 March 2014.