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Hercules Poirot Quotes!! Canvas Print

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David Suchet on being Agatha Christie's most endearing detective

'When you play a character (Hercule Poirot) for 25 years he is part of you. I inhabited him, became him' said David Suchet

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Cuatro infografías para celebrar los 125 años de Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot is a detective in Agatha Christie novels. Read more:

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grey cells, my hair is starting to match what's in my brain. Love Hercule!!!

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No, madame. Poirot is never wrong.

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Should be my bedside photo. Love them.

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hercule poirot apartment - Google Search

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AJ: "I didn't mean that! Travis, I think you have a perfectly acceptable face"

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David Suchet Reflects on 25 Years as Poirot

David Suchet Reflects on 25 Years as Poirot - - I agree - he is the definitive Poirot. He fit my vision of Poirot from reading all Agatha Christie's mysteries and I have loved his portrayal from the first episode.

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Masterpiece Mystery: Hercule Poirot -- the perfect Poirot

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