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10 Times You Wanted Luke Evans To Suck Your Blood

Luke Evans #mancandy #eyecandy #TheHobbit


Jensen Ackles. Supernaturally beautifully Delicious


That is just a perfect 67 Impala and half naked Jensen Ackles

Afternoon eye candy: Joe Manganiello (34 photos)

Joe Manganiello Ohhh, calm, calm take a deep breath.....he takes my breath away


Half Naked Men...... (my friend Andrea is such a bad influence on me... I wasn't like this before I knew her..... srsly.)


Half-Naked Man Follows Female Jogger in Dallas: Witness

It says it's muscle care? Is it sunscreen only for your abs? Do straight guys want to carry around a tube of half-naked man? IDK


Pictured: The craziest costumes at Burning Man 2015

Matching: This couple appeared to have coordinated their costumes so they were in theme with each other in black


Remus Black is still reeling from an abusive relationship that stripped him of everything -- including his desire for love. Now all he wants is a fresh start halfway across the country, but his new roommate is determined to draw him into his strange world of chains, half-naked men and the infamous Lodge, a BDSM club as lavish as it is secretive.When Remus is entered into the Lodge's annual Alpha's Pet contest against his will, he finds himself thrown to the Wolf Pack, the very type of...