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I call it "business on top, heavy pot smoking and drum circles underneath". #partialdreads #nowicandomyhairinhalfthetime #timemanagement

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Light Blonde Dreadlocks - Day of the Dreads

5 Blonde Clip in Dreadlocks - Day of the Dreads by DAYOFTHEDREAD on Etsy

This is beautiful. I love how her hair is left loose until about half way down. (Less stress on the scalp from the weight as well.)

I love that her dreads are just on the underneath.. I started out with my dreads like this & then dreaded more until it was almost my whole head except the very top, now I am getting closer to this look again.. I like that it is just easier for me to maintain, and blow dry :) .. love your dreads, and treat them well <3


If i ever dread my hair it will be like this! so the top isnt dreaded! i love this


My platinum blonde ombre "half dreads" with some leather wraps and beads after about a month


Blonde dreads with septum ring and ist exactly what I want More


UGH! Why can't I have it noww?? I like how it's half dreaded and half realio. #Dreads #dreadhead #halfway