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Tokyo (東京都)

Gyaru style fashion japan Ulzzang: the Korean word meaning beautiful, and is often used to describe their film actors, soap opera and pop stars with similar hairstyles.

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grey | cream kawaii otome kei gyaru mori kei lolita fachin dress lace bow modcloth

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Laura ♥ UK ♥ 19 ♥ Frilly Maiden ♥ Crafting Queen ♥ Gamer ♥ Gyaru

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Himegyaru flower embellished heels. Shoe clips would be a great alternative.

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Gyaru Fashion Más

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Plaid Dress. This is a little like what I envision my next(?) sewing project to look like. The skirt, especially.

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Gyaru More

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gyaru cute hairstyles... but you know what I really love? The bows. Like I used to wear in, like, 6th grade. Oh yeah.

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History of Gyaru

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Want more of Miya and Loli? Why not visit our blog at or follow our Pinterest at See ya there!

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