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Adoption day (Gotcha Day) photo. Finalization hearing.


Gotcha Day: A Carried In My Heart Adoption Story for Children

It's Gotcha Day 2


6 things my 'adoptive' parents did right

My parents, Barbara and Richard, holding me for the first time upon my arrival to the U.S. from Seoul, Korea in February, 1986. This date marks my “Gotcha Day.”

Gotcha Day Blessing Book

The title of the book is “Gotcha Day Blessing.” Gotcha Day is a commonly used term in adoption communities. It refers to the day the family received their adopted child. This is a day that families can celebrate the joy and happiness that has come to them through becoming an adoptive family.


Celibrate your child's Gotcha Day! Show them how important they are!!

Haiti Adoption Gotcha Day


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