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Ghost Whisperer <3 Oteea onto I.Believe.In.Happy.Endings (TV Series Addict)

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Melinda: Where did you learn to be so brave ? Jim: Where do you think ? She’s right here. ❤️

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Kenny. The most brilliant actor I have seen at such a young age.

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Ghost Whisperer wardrobe

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Ghost Whisperer-- love her coat!!

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My first wardrobe plot for Melinda Gordon from "Ghost Whisperer" - Bri (b-scottyer on Polyvore)

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Ghost Whisperer

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Same as it Never Was

Same as it Never Was Antiques - Ghost Whisperer

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#GhostWhisperer - Melinda Gordon

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basically if i ever have money whenever i shop i will ask myself, "Would Melinda Gordon wear this?"

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