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Damn it..... I find him handsome. :/

George Clooney ~ Madorie Darling

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GEORGE CLOONEY Year Inducted: 2007 - The Oscar-winning actor and director is shown here in his most alluring mode: wearing a tuxedo and salt-and-pepper stubble.

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That smile!! :D Heehee... But other than being a handsome guy.... he is a great actor. The great George Clooney

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George Clooney by Annie Leibovitz. He could totally pull off Andross

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George Clooney - even though he is old enough to be my father, age has nothing to do with looks

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Le célèbre acteur hollywoodien, George Clooney, souffle ce vendredi ses 55…

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George Clooney reference - one of Derek's commanders - will help with the search - father figure for Ayla?

i pinned it once, i'll pin it again...yummmmmm. George Clooney: George Timothy Clooney May 6, 1961 Lexington, Kentucky. Played Dr. Doug Ross in ER.

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