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Caring For Your Gardenias Plant gardenias where they will get morning sun and afternoon shade. Good air circulation is a must. Gardenias prefer moist, acid soil with good drainage & lots of organic matter. When planting, set the root-ball about 1" higher than the surrounding soil. Gently taper the soil up to the top of the exposed root-ball. Mulch. Pests (whiteflies, scales, & mealybugs). can be a problem. Control by applying a light horticultural oil to prevent sooty mold.

How to Grow Gardenias in Arizona

Gardenia Bush - So beautiful and the blooms are big and smell so good

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Growing Gardenia in Pot

growing gardenias in pots

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How to Propagate Gardenias From Cuttings

sideshow photos of gardenia propagation from cuttings (I need to go steal some gardenia cuttings from Disney!!)

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Everblooming Gardenia - Monrovia - Everblooming Gardenia shade tolerant, fragrant blooms, evergreen

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Grow Gardenias



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~~Everblooming Gardenia | Highly prized for the profusion of sweetly fragrant blooms, excellent for cut flowers. Beautiful specimen, its upright branches are covered with glossy foliage. Terrific container plant | photo credit: Doreen Wynja | Monrovia~~

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Pruning Gardenias - Tips For When And How To Prune A Gardenia

By Heather Rhoades Gardenia bushes are the apple of the eye of more than a few warm weather gardeners. And with good reason. With rich, dark green leaves and snowy soft blossoms, the gardenia impresses on its looks alone. But it is not its looks that make the gardenia such a coveted garden addition. Gardenias…

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Gardenias from the garden - the classiest flower that smells gorgeous

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