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Huge Devonian concretions in the Ohio Shale - some of them look like the Death Star from Star Wars.

de the Guardian

Palaeoart offers a glimpse of the world during the Age of Reptiles

Ophtalmosaurus by Mark Witton.


Crayfish lived in the shallow, near-shore water of Fossil Lake. Procambarus is known only from the Eocene deposits of Fossil Lake. Its closest living relative, Austrocambarus, is found in Mexico. National Park Service photo.


Pleurocystites squamosus - Other Ontario Echinoderms - Gallery ...


Lazulite from Rapid Creek area, Dawson Mining District, Yukon Territory, Canada…


A fossil leaf from the extinct Comptonia columbiana, 48.5 million years old. Klondike Mountain Formation, Republic, Ferry County, Washington, USA. Stonerose Interpretive Center.


Phenakite - Salistone Mine, Jos Plateau, Plateau State, Nigeria Size: 2.3 x 1.7 x 1.1 cm


Fossilized unhatched raptor eggs


Armadillosuchus, a crocodyliform which lived in the late cretaceous period. Armadillosuchus and the family it belongs to, Sphagesaurid, were very mammal-like. Armadillosuchus is believed to be not only terrestrial, but possibly have a fossorial lifestyle.