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Ever feel like running away? Just suddenly leaving, no note, no warning. Just grabbing our shit, and leaving?

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Escape - quotes about sadness, depression, running away, mental health, path, adventure, new life

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There is so much truth, I might get a tattoo of this in the future.

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Running away

pinterest: cynthia_go | cynthia go, quotes, cynthia go quotes, love quotes, heartbreak quotes, quotes on running away, breakup, feeling lost, self, spilled ink, tumblr quotes, poetry, poem, love poem

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sometimes it scares me how much i think about going out for a walk and never coming home. how willing i am to leave everything i have and everyone i know

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sometimes I just want to run away - Google Search

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quotes about running away - Google Search

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Sometimes you need to run away just to see who will come after you .. life quotes | Quotes and Sayings

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I almost asked my previous boss in school, whether I could come back but then I realized running away is not the solution ..staying and learning to deal with people is what I should do..people will always be the same everywhere..I have to make myself stronger mentally..

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Sometimes I just want to run away, but running from your problems is never the answer, so I stand up and face them sword drawn and my head held high ready to fight ;)

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