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Get the free printable plus a coloring page. Print it out, take a coloring break. To a great mind, nothing is little.

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These are the Snazziest Catchy Phrases Ever Coined

sherlock holmes

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sherlock fan art. Dang it Anderson, you lower the IQ of the whole street.

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14 frases famosas que nunca se dijeron

Las mejores frases que Einstein, Gandhi, Sherlock Holmes y Darth Vader nunca dijeron.

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Quote from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Because I made a blunder, my dear Watson... The Silver Blaze

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in 'The Silver Blaze' from Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes'.

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10 frases inesquecíveis de Arthur Conan Doyle, criador de Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle foi um romancista escocês nacionalizado britânico e mundialmente conhecido pela criação do célebre detetive Sherlock Holmes, baseando-se na novela de cavaleria “Dom Quixote de la …

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Sometimes you have to. You hate to, but self preservation says you have to in order to prevent the heart from being curbstomped again.

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W- I was in the war Sherlock! I killed people! S- You were a doctor! W- I had bad days!

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