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If you want something go work for it. It is 0% luck 100% hustle Inspired by gary vaynerchuk


The Godfather Everything I Learned Movie Poster 24x36

The Godfather Everything I Learned Marlon Brando Movie Poster 24x36


101 Success Quotes That Will Help You Chase Your Dreams

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Badass Motivation on

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The hand-drawn lettering of 11 sarcastic quotations

Measuring just a few inches in size, the hand drawn lettering project by Indonesian artist Dexa Muamar are carefully rendered. But the crisp text belies the meaning of the quotes that he chooses which don’t hesitate to punch you in the gut. “Practice makes perfect but nobody is perfect so why practice,” says one ironic image. Another one makes the suggestion, “Drink some coffee, put on some gangster rap, and handle it.” The artist says, “I love the ‘truest’ quotes,” as he shies away from…


Tired of being the bigger person or taking the higher road! Iv made mistakes but so has everyone else!!! Sick of being judged and criticized when my sins arnt as big as those people that are criticizing! Standing up for my self is what I am going to be doing from here on out!!!


best 20 motivational quotes on life

I wish everyone would let me be; let me have fun on my own. I'm so sick of people telling me what's fun and what's not. They're not fun unless you're drunk too, which I will NOT do.


Motto for LIFE right here. #regram