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Day 3-Favorite Prince-Flynn Rider! :)

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Which Character From Tangled Are You?

Oops, did I forget to mention that Alex is basically Flynn Rider with green eyes, no facial hair, and slightly shorter hair? Oops.

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Community Post: 22 Times Tumblr Totally Changed How You View Disney

When Flynn showed you that Disney male leads can have flaws and still be perfect.

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

And this is why I LOVE Flynn Ryder. Because he thinks like me.


Flynn Rider, The Only Sane Person In Disney AND he questions why everyone randomly bursts out singing


Tangled. I've seen this movie like 30 times, and there are still things I haven't noticed.

Awwwwww.... ❤️ I never really saw it this way before!! This goes to show he's definitely falling in love and cares about her. so sweet!!

what a player... *rolls eyes* "ok I didn't wanna have to do this but you leave me no comes the smolder..." *Rapunzel rolls her eyes* this is kind of an off day for me this doesn't normally happen...fine! i'll take you to see the lanterns" *rapunzel drops him* "REALLY?!?!*realizes she dropped him* oops..." "you broke my smolder..."


The love he has for Rapunzel is so evident here and true. I hope every guy can find a girl to love like this.

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The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Princes

Disney 30 Day Challenge Day 3 Favorite Prince - Eugene aka Flynn Rider. When he revealed his true identity and fell in love with Rapunzel ...