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Feitiços De Proteção

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Spellbox / caixa mágica wicca

SPELLBOX ou CAIXA MÁGICA WICCA <br>Caixa em madeira com símbolos mágicos, usada para fazer feitiços ou guardá-los, para proteção e ativação de magias. Ótima também para limpar e energizar oráculos, tais como, Runas, Tarôs, Oghans e quando não estiver sendo usada poderá guardar instrumentos mágicos. Com certeza que você encontrará varias maneiras mágicas de utiliza-la, pois sua simbologia é infinitamente poderosa. <br>Na sua tampa está pirogravado Triluna representa os aspectos da Deusa…

FYI i am not into wicca or the occult at all!! i like astrology that's it. coming from a background which used to worship nature celtic, druid, may give this impression and it is also why i really respect first nations culture, just saying lol xo

Witchcraft Spells for Beginners - Bing Images

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Voodoo Love Spell, Witchcraft, Wicca, Book of Shadows Pages, Like Charmed

Voodoo Love Spell Witchcraft Wicca Book of Shadows Pages Like Charmed | eBay

Red Jasper: ~ is used for dream recall. Place red jasper under your pillow to help you remember dreams. It is a protection stone for the night. Red jasper is a good stone to keep with you and use as a "worry" stone. The more jasper is handled the more calming vibrations it sends out. A large jasper stone keeps negativity out a ritual room.

The traditional Witch’s ladder is made by using three equal length cords (one white, one red, and one black) that are woven together and as they are woven nine feathers of nine different colors are woven in. The creator of the ladder weaves his/her intent into the craft as it is being made. Once finished the Witch uses the ladder as a meditation or counting tool during their spell working....

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How to Make Herbal Tinctures

Making herbal tinctures is one of the easiest ways to preserve the potency of your herbal harvest. Tinctures made with alcohol and dried herbs have a long shelf life. They can last for decades without a decrease in potency, provided they are protected from light and heat. Tinctures are easy for a beginner to make, yet they are the stand by herbal remedy for professional herbalists.