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Yeah! So don't say she's just a spoiled brat who does nothing but cry and is useless because if you say that you do not know her back story! She has had a harder life then you will ever have if you say that about her!

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Question- Why does she wear stuff like THIS into battle? I mean, I really love…

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Lucy and loke - fairy tail

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(100+) Tumblr to funny- lucy and the seven elfs pffffft Loke

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Lucy Heartfilia chibi by :

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Lucy Heartfilia by on @DeviantArt

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Lucy Heartfilia. Happy. Fairy Tail. #anime

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View full-size (1409x1216 495 kB.)

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One of the most tear-jerking moments in the series (I cried for a long time)

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i ship this so hard it's not even funny natSU X LUCY IS BASICALLY CANON OK More

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