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grafika creepypasta and eyeless jack

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Resultado de imagen para eyeless jack

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eyeless jack not a huge creepy pasta fan but I do think the fan art is amazing

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Eyeless jack ^^^ Guessing waterpaints of canvas? Maybe a bit of pastels? No...maybe not...but there's definitely watercolors that are easy to point out

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I choke on weeds as flowers grow inside my lungs, leaving me to breathe in the burning scent of chlorophyll.

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[C] Eyeless Jack by on @DeviantArt

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Why by on @DeviantArt

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It looks like a mix of Toby laughing jack and Eyeless jack

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Eyeless Jack + Jeff the Killer = Eyeless Jeff OH MAH GAWD!?!?!?! That's awesome!!!!!! *~* <3

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Ej: *knocks on my window* Kenzie let me in Me: *gasp* Jack y r u out there Ej:...Jeff locked me out Me: You forgot your key's didn't u Ej:...maybe... Me: Ok I'll be right there *let's him in* There better?? Ej:...Yes *hugs me* thx Me: Ugh your all wet here *hands him his clothes* u can get dressed in my room and we can watch a movie once your dressed

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