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Super scary Scarecrow cosplay ala Batman Arkham Knight

Inspired by the look of Scarecrow in Batman Arkham Knight this cosplay was created by Stage 1 Studios in Flordia with help from LuAndra Whitehurst and Robert Tuscani.


What movie for 2016 are you most hyped for? I'm so hyped for Batman V Superman! Art by: Mike S. Miller #Riddler #Scarecrow #Joker - Visit now to grab yourself a super hero shirt today at 40% off!


Scarecrow Batman Arkham Knight #Scarecrow #TheCrow #BatmanArkhamKnight #BatmanArkham #ArkhamKnight


During one of the rogues meetings about a team up to kill Batman the power in the warehouse went out. Scarecrow managed to get roped in by the others into telling a ghost story till the power came back on. An hour later batman breaks in, scaring the pants off of them, and Harley shrieked so loud in fear that she shattered glass.

They're all great villains but this is why the joker wins. He has nothing to gain from any of it. He doesn't want the money or the power..

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Creepy Cosplay That's As Horrifying As Anything We See In The Movies

There are scarier Scarecrows and there are less frightening Scarecrows, but Weasel Cosplay's take on Arkham Asylum's Jonathan Crane, with its sunken eyes and excellently stitched mouth is particularly fearsome. Photo by kashikosa.


Bane - Dark Knight Rises - #Batman Fan-art