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The word Enigma has Greek origins. It can be traced back to the Greek word ainos which means fable. Enigma

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How the enigma machine worked- could be useful for our design also

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A somewhat unpredictable paradox :-) #INTJ #introvert

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Military Enigma machine Post WWII secrecy between nations becomes paramount. Arthur Scherbius creates a means to keep the information secret. The enigma machine becomes the Nazi code making weapon in WWI. They are confident that it will keep their secrets a secret. But their secret is discovered and used against them.

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The Imitation Game : la bande annonce

5 nominations pour The Imitation Game aux Golden Globes 2015 : Meilleur film dramatique, Meilleur acteur dans un drame (Benedict Cumberbatch), Meilleure actrice dans un second rôle (Keira Knightley), Meilleur scénario, Meilleure bande originale (Alexandre Desplat)

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I lied and said I was busy

Enigma.......The music I love the most...and want played at my Funeral!

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German Enigma Machine Sells For A Record Price At Auction

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