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@beachgirl112233 I'm sorry i can't respond to your message but I'm okay. I passed out for s while and woke up. Sorry if i scared you.i can't even do this right

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The last photo tho

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Stronger than i was <3 this is my song. Love you eminem <333333

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Hahahahahahaha dumb fuck nobody likes you, you suck ass for living stick to your day job and stop "singing" you sound like a dying hyena ! Faggot

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Especially when I'm being bitched at by all the people in my class. No offence, sometimes truth hurts Eminem <3

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Eminem. Not a big rap listener but been a fan of his from the beginning. I think he is a genius. Love him!

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Eminem adresseert problemen die bij iedereen wel eens voorkomt. Daarom spreekt het mij ook zo aan.

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Never thought I'd have something positive to say about Eminem, but the record don't lie.

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Oil on canvas painting by deSotogi of Eminem entitled "One Shot"

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