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33 Unbelievably Cool Nail Art Ideas

33 Cool Nail Art Ideas - Blue and White Ocean Saran Wrap Manicure Nail Design Tutorial


The Fashion Doll Chronicles: Age of Innocence - Tonner 2013 Convention - the dolls!

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Daisy from the Great Gatsby, Age of Innocence Convention outfit only LE SOLD OUT

Tonner Doll Daisy Great Gatsby


Shriya Saran on

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hand carved 4-bar bracelet stand $44.95...could diy with my rolling pin collection!!

Elvis ~ 1977- imagine being considered the worlds most beautiful man and then have to fight the aging process where every pound sticks to some people like glue. Elvis was apparently that body type. Sad!!! NO ONE ESCAPES AGING!!!!!


Saran-wrap and packaging tape bodies. My students LOVED this project. In teams, we wrapped one limb at a time and cut a seam along the backside. Finished them off by taping them up and then hung them from the ceiling in the hallways.

Ok here's a little "how to" to keep your feet soft! Step 1- exfoliate your feet best you can Step 2- apply thick lotion or Vaseline Step 3- take Saran Wrap an wrap your foot up! Step 4- put a sock over the Saran Wrap Step 5- chill for atleast 15mins You want to use the Saran Wrap because that will lock the lotion to absorb on your skin rather then just using a sock, which with just a sock the cotton will soak up that lotion quicker then your skin can! #diy #beauty #nails


Fierce Precarious. THE FASHION DOLL REVIEW: New items for Tonner's Precarious line