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Star Of Bethlehem - Inconsolável / Efeitos posteriores a choques e traumas / Ajuda à cicatrização.


Pyotr Stolypin. Last effective prime minister of Imperial Russia. He was assasinated in 1911 at the Kiev Opera House in front of Nicholas II and his daughters, Tatania and Olga.

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Incense Burner (Boshan Lu). 200-100 BC. China, Western Han dynasty (202 BC-AD 9). This incense burner takes the shape of the mountain to represent the mythical land of the immortals, a boundless realm filled with energy. Deities (appearing as hunters) and fantastic beasts roam freely among mists and clouds. The incense smoke coming from the burner creates a mysterious effect, as if the mountain form could attract the immortals with its sense of illusion.


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