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"How is this possible?" Ben whispered in astonishment as the girl on the couch gave us an annoyed look. "When you last went into the dream world, you must have left the gateway in your mind open. This young lady escaped and materialized outside your mind." Elijah grunted as he flipped through the pages. "I'm hungry," the girl called and Ben eyed me. "Great! What does

Her #dreads tho.... More

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« I look so grunge on this photo wearing my @fideliusclothing hoodie ✨ #grunge » More

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Dreads and Space Buns - two of my favourite things together in one!!

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“I believe everything you do has to be rooted in real.. unconditional.. universal love. This is what brings us happiness” ~ Claudette Adjodha

When I talk about crochet maintenance, this is what I mean. I don't do the poking in and out randomly with a tiny hook thing.

Dreadshare : Photo I really do love dreads . I can't bring myself to put them in myself but I've always loved dreads. Idk why I just do lol .

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MEDICINE WOMAN • Bohemian Hair Wraps • Temporary Dreadlocks • Hippie Boho Native Tribal Hair Wraps • Leather Beaded Braids & Dread Falls

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My life long dream is to finally get dreads... In actuality, it'll always just be a dream lol

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